Dalap ROSE - aroma diffuser for central air distribution and independent use

The practical and powerful aroma diffuser Dalap ROSE pleasantly scents the air in any room. Depending on the application, the unit can operate both independently, when the fragrant essence is gradually released into its surroundings, and centrallywith a range of up to 5000 m3, when it is connected to the central air distribution. The aroma diffuser can be controlled via a glass touch screen or via a mobile application.
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The white aroma diffuser Dalap ROSE scents any rooms with a pleasant scent. It is especially suitable for environments where unpleasant odours often occur, such as in homes, offices, shopping centres or industrial premises. Depending on the application, the unit operates either independently or as part of central air distribution with a range of up to 5000 m3. In addition to the panel, control is also possible via WIFI using a unique application that guarantees a constant overview of the aroma status of the diffuser and its functions.

Advantages of the Dalap ROSE aroma diffuser

  • - the aroma diffuser gradually releases the fragrant essence into the air
  • - it works independently as part of central air distribution
  • - powerful equipment suitable for home and commercial premises
  • - area of 3000-5000 m3 (after connection to the ventilation system)
  • - control by touchscreen LCD display or mobile application
  • - weekly scent dosing regime for each day of the week
  • - removable tank for 500 ml of essential oil
  • - safe operation (lockable door, 12V voltage)
  • - easy handling (holder, rubber feet)
  • - compact steel construction and pure white design
  • - power cable length 1.4 m


Declaration of Conformity

ModelDimensions (mm)
Dalap ROSE Detail


Voltage (V)
at 50 Hz
consumption (W)
Tank capacity (l)Room volume (m3)Noise level
max (dB)
Weight (kg)

Dalap ROSE 12 12,5 0,5 3000 - 5000 35 6,5