Servo motor

The Belimo servo motor with actuating torque 2 Nm is designed for controlling KTP metal air shutters. 
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The Belimo servo motor is designed for KTM  round metal air shutters. The servo motor with actuating torque 2 Nm is designed for controlling air dampers with cross section up to 0.4 m² installed in various ventilation and air conditioning systems. The Belimo CM 230 is controlled with a three-point control system. The damper is opened or closed by a single circuit control. The turning angle is adjusted by mechanical end stops. The power cable is 1m long.


The actuator is installed directly on the damper axis and locked with a special spindle clamp to prevent its turning-through. The actuator overload protection stops the actuator once it reaches the end positions. In case of installation of a magnet on the actuator housing, the gear is disengaged and the damper changes to manual operation mode. 

CUSTOMS CODE: 85371098

Voltage (V) at 50Hz

consumption (W)

Sound level
(dB (A))

Torgue (Nm)

Rotation angle
with restriction

Temperature (°C)Connection
Belimo CM 230 230 1,5 W @
torque 1 W
35 2, nominal voltage fixed 315° /
adjustable 0...287.5°
with 2.5° increase
-30 - +50 -40 - +80  Detail
ModelDimensions (mm)
∅DabcdefghiWeight (kg)Downoads
Belimo CM 230 56 28 16 19 24 5 28 130 158 61 0,13  Detail