Dalap THM - digital LCD hygrometer with thermometer and clock, white

The Dalap THM room thermometer and hygrometer provides current information on indoor temperature, relative humidity and time. It is small, light, white and unobtrusive in design - in short, it suits any interior. It consists of a thin LCD display with HD quality and a stand in which the battery, sensors and 3 control buttons are hidden.
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The Dalap THM digital hygrometer with thermometer and clock in white, measures and displays data on the relative humidity of the air as well as the temperature in the room and the current time. These values are given in whole units and, together with the battery status, are displayed on a thin and easy-to-read LCD display with HD resolution. Due to its features and design, this room temperature-hygrometer is suitable for all interiors, such as homes, offices, shops, restaurants, warehouses, workshops and laboratories.

Advantages of the Dalap THM room hygrometer and thermometer

- measures and displays relative humidity and room air temperature in whole units, current time and battery status
- humidity sensor measures in the range of 10% to 99% with a deviation of ±3%
- the thermometer measures in the range of -10 °C to +50 °C with a deviation of ±1 °C
- the temperature reading is updated every 10s
- thin digital LCD display in HD quality with a size of 90 x 66 mm
- requires 1x 3V CR2016 battery (included)
- made of strong and durable ABS plastic in white

Easy to control and set the time

In the lower part of the Dalap THM hygrometer there is a space for the battery, a socket the size of a paper clip for easy resetting (this can also be done by removing and reinserting the battery), a humidity sensor and a thermometer. At the same time, there are also three control buttons:

- °C/°F - used to switch between °C and °F temperature units
- SET - used to set the clock. Just press it for three seconds and then use it to switch between hours, minutes and 12h / 24h format (the values themselves are set using ADJ). The setting is always confirmed and saved with the SET button.
- ADJ - a short press changes the values when they are set (e.g. hours, minutes, etc.)




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