Vents MK-AOV 25 - steel mounting bracket for Dalap E-HP heaters

The one-piece steel construction of the Vents MK-AOV 25 is used for vertical and horizontal mounting of Dalap E-HP electric air heaters to the wall, beam or to the ceiling, while it is mounted directly on the given surface.
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Vents MK-AOV 25 9919 4824032077108 10 pcs. 104.50 € 124.35 €

The Vents MK-AOV 25 steel mounting bracket is used to hang Dalap E-HP 9 or Dalap E-HP 12 electric air heaters vertically and horizontally, on a wall, beam or ceiling. This hanger is mounted directly on the selected surface, while ensuring the necessary minimum distance of the heater from this surface (300 mm) to provide adequate airflow.

Installation of the Dalap E-HP heater using the MK-AOV 25 bracket on the wall and on the ceiling.

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