Dalap DFLEX 20 - self-adhesive thermal insulation with ALU foil

Dalap DFLEX 20 self-adhesive layer with thermal insulation has a size of 1.5 m2 and a thickness of 20 mm consisting of a foam layer and aluminum lamination for a better insulation effect. The insulation can be used on plastic and metal ducts, fittings and other HVAC components, such as various filter cassettes or distribution boxes.
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Dalap DFLEX 20 thermal insulation with a self-adhesive layer, has a size of 1.5 m2 and a thickness of 20 mm, is formed by a foam layer in the middle, which serves as the main thermal insulator. It is laminated with aluminum foil on one side for a better insulating effect. On the other side, a strong binder is applied, which ensures good adhesion and a firm connection with plastic and metal surfaces when glued.

The insulation is suitable for plastic and metal ducts and other distribution components , such as fittings, distribution boxes and filter boxes or other components of the ventilation system.

Dalap DFLEX 20 self-adhesive thermal insulation

- thermally insulates air ducts and components
- improves fire resistance
- prevents the formation of condensate and reduces energy losses
- better insulation properties thanks to the foam layer and ALU foil
- strong adhesive for sticking to metal and plastic surfaces
- suitable for ducts, fittings, boxes and other HVAC components


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