Vents VUT mini series

Vents VUT air handling units are complete ventilation units designed for air filtration, heating, and supply to premises and removal of exhaust air. The heat of the exhausted air is transferred to the supply air through the plate heat exchanger. All models are compatible with 100 and 125 mm round ducts.
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VUT 250 H mini A12 18069 4824032322413 10+ pcs. 889.08 € 1,058.00 €
VUT 250 V mini A12 18070 4824032322390 7 pcs. 889.08 € 1,058.00 €

VUT 250 V mini A12: models with vertical duct connections,fans with AC motors with polystyrene heatexchanger.

VUT 250 H mini A12: models with horizontal duct connections, fans with AC motors with polystyrene heat exchanger.


The plate heat exchanger is made of aluminium plates. Whenever heat recovery is not required for unit operation, the heat exchanger block can be easily replaced by a "summer" block. The unit is also equipped with a drain pan for condensate drainage as well as with a built-in icing prevention system. During operation of the heat exchanger in the winter time, the heat from the warm exhaust air is transferred to the cold supply air. During air heat energy extraction, some condensate can be generated. If the temperature of the intake air is below -5°С, the condensate can freeze. To prevent the heat exchanger freezing, an electronic protection system is applied. It switches the supply fan off as the temperature sensor requires. Warm extract air defrosts the heat exchanger, then the supply fan switches on and the unit continues operating under standard conditions.


Activating and regulating the unit is performed by the thyristor A1 speed controller which provides smooth motor speed control over the range of 0-100%.


The air handling unit is mounted on the floor or suspended from the ceiling by means of a seat angle with inserted vibration-damping element or attached to a wall with brackets. The unit can be mounted either in service spaces, in the main premises above the suspended ceiling, in the pocket or the unit can be placed directly in the room. The mounting position should provide correct condensate drainage. Access for maintenance and filter cleaning should be reserved on the side with the removable side panel to the left of the supply air side.


Manual VUT MINI cz

Manual VUT MINI cz



VUT 250 V mini

VUT 250 H mini

Supply voltage [V/50 (60) Hz] 1~ 220-240 1~ 220-240
Maximum fan power [W] 148 148
Maximum unit current (without a heater) [A] 0,78 0,78
Maximum air flow [m3/h] 250 250
Sound pressure level at a distance of 3 m [dBA] 28-47 28-47
RPM [min-1] 2700 2700
Transported air temperature [°С] from -25 up to +40 from -25 up to +40
Casing material polymer coated steel polymer coated steel
Insulation 20mm, mineral wool 20mm, mineral wool
Extract filter G4 G4
Supply filter G4,F7 G4,F7
Connected air duct diameter [mm] 125 125
Weight [kg] 26 26
Heat recovery efficiency [%] 55-78 55-78
Heat exchanger type counter-flow counter-flow
Heat exchanger material polystyrene polystyrene
GRAPHS Detail Detail

ModelDimensions (mm)
VUT250 V mini  125 300 443 490 713 43 Detail 
VUT250 H mini  125 300 443 43 713 810 Detail