Dalap ONYX - bathroom fan with non-return valve, matt black

The Dalap ONYX bathroom fan in matt black is used to ventilate spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, but also offices or restaurants. The fan is equipped with a non-return valve, which prevents the return of already vented air, and a ball-bearing motor, which allows installation in both horizontal and vertical positions.
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Dalap 100 ONYX 41093 4250622652217 10 pcs. 41.64 € 49.55 €
Dalap 125 ONYX 41094 4250622652224 2024-08-30 46.30 € 55.10 €

The Dalap ONYX bathroom fan in matt black is suitable for ventilating various residential and non-residential spaces such as toilets, cellars or cloakrooms. The fan is equipped with a non-return valve that prevents the backflow of already vented air. The ball-bearing motor allows mounting in both horizontal and vertical positions. Thanks to its IP24 protection, the fan finds practical use especially in places with a high concentration of moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Advantages of the Dalap ONYX bathroom fan

- non-return valve to effectively prevent the return of exhausted air
- high IP24 protection for safe placement in wet areas
- patented ball bearing motor
- simple connection and silent operation - only 33 dB/3m
- low energy consumption
- wall and ceiling mounting
- simple connection to electricity networks
- thermal fuse against overheating
- unobtrusive black appearance and stylish design


Declaration of Conformity




Voltage (V)
at 50 Hz
consumption (W)
Current (A)


Maximum air
capacity (m3/h)
Sound pressure
level at 3m (dB(A))
Weight (kg)

Static pressure (Pa)

Dalap 100 BF 230 14 0,06 24 100 32 0,47 32
Dalap 125 BF 230 16 0,06 24 180 33 0,62 50
ModelDimensions (mm)
Dalap 100 ONYX Detail
Dalap 125 ONYX Detail