GMP NZ - Galvanized steel grilles with multiple rows

Supply and exhaust ventilation, heating and air conditioning networks in industrial, commercial and domestic premises. These square, steel grilles are with an insect screen protection.

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Dalap GMP 400 NZ 6091 4250622608153 10+ pcs. 12.90 € 15.35 €
Dalap GMP 500 NZ 6095 4250622608184 30+ pcs. 18.28 € 21.75 €


Decorative item for supply and exhaust vents in public, residential and industrial ventilations systems. Steel grilles with fixed multiple rows and insect screen protection. Indoor or outdoor mounting to the wall or ceiling.


These square grilles are made of galvanized steel with zinc-phosphate treatment which ensures coating integrity and provides reliable corrosion protection. Screw mounted to walls or ceilings.

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GMP 400 NZ 400 384 0,8 1,028  Detail 
GMP 500 NZ 500 484 0,8 1,135  Detail