Dalap SUVLAW - white ventilation grille for the facade, with cowl, screen and flange

The Dalap SUVLAW stainless steel ventilation grille in matt white is ideal for terminating an air duct. The combination of the cowl and the mesh protects the air duct from the ingress of dirt, rainwater, small animals and insects, and also prevents possible staining of the outside wall, e.g. by cooking fumes. The grille has fixed horizontal louvres at an angle and is also easy to install thanks to a flange.
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Dalap SUVLAW 100 99332W 4250622883130 2024-12-31 14.33 € 17.05 €
Dalap SUVLAW 125 99333W 4250622883147 2024-12-31 17.23 € 20.50 €
Dalap SUVLAW 150 99334W 4250622883154 2024-12-31 20.97 € 24.95 €
Dalap SUVLAW 160 99345W 4250622883161 2024-12-31 25.46 € 30.30 €
Dalap SUVLAW 200 99335W 4250622883178 10+ pcs. 36.26 € 43.15 €

The Dalap SUVLAW ventilation grille with screen, cowl, drip tray and flange is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel in matt white. This grille with fixed horizontal louvres is mainly used for air extraction from apartments, family houses or industrial buildings, which include, for example, kitchens, offices or warehouses.

Advantages of the Dalap SUVLAW ventilation grille

- the practical combination of a cowl and a fine insect mesh protects the air duct from the ingress of larger dust particles, rainwater or small animals, as well as from potential staining of the outside wall, e.g. from cooking fumes
- drip tray prevents staining of the facade under the grille
- a fixed horizontal louvre ensures a clear direction of the flow of vented air
- is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel with high temperature resistance (from -30 °C to +100 °C)
- simple installation thanks to the flange - just insert it into a round duct of the same diameter and fasten the grille to the wall with screws
- sealing rubber for complete adhesion of the grille to the facade.


Declaration of Conformity

ModelDimensions (mm)
Dalap SUVLAW 100 49 147 96 Detail
Dalap SUVLAW 125 49 190 121 Detail
Dalap SUVLAW 150 59 210 147 Detail
Dalap SUVLAW 160 59 210 157 Detail
Dalap SUVLAW 200 67 267 196 Detail