Dalap GM RFNW - white ventilation grille for the facade, gravity shutter

Dalap RFNW stainless steel ventilation grille in matt white is ideal for terminating an air duct. The gravity shutter is only open when the fan is on. After it is switched off, it closes and prevents the return of already vented air. Thanks to the flange, the ventilation grille can be easily mounted.
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Dalap GM 100 RFNW 99480W 4250622883215 30+ pcs. 15.71 € 18.70 €
Dalap GM 125 RFNW 99481W 4250622883222 30+ pcs. 20.59 € 24.50 €
Dalap GM 150 RFNW 99491W 4250622883239 10+ pcs. 23.57 € 28.05 €

The Dalap RFNW ventilation grille (model designation Dalap GM RFNW) with horizontal gravity shutter and flange is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel in matt white. This grille is used for air extraction, most often from areas such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and other residential and non-residential buildings. It is therefore suitable for outdoor use on the facades of residential and commercial buildings or industrial halls.

Advantages of the Dalap RFNW ventilation grille

- self-weighted or gravity shutter prevent the backflow of already ventilated air and possible contamination of the air duct (e.g. leaves, rain) or the entry of birds or small animals
- is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel with high temperature resistance (from -30 °C to +100 °C)
- simple installation thanks to the flange - just insert it into a round duct of the same diameter and fasten the grille to the wall with screws
- sealing rubber for complete adhesion of the grille to the facade.


Declaration of Conformity

ModelDimensions (mm)
Dalap GM 100 RFNW 20 48 135 149 94 Detail
Dalap GM 125 RFNW 20 53 165 180 118 Detail
Dalap GM 150 RFNW 20 63 165 180 143 Detail