Dalap PUC - plastic non-return valve

The Dalap PUC plastic non-return valve is suitable for Dalap FP bathroom fans with the same diameter. It is a good addition if you want to prevent the return of extracted air from the room.
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Dalap PUC 100 93242 4250622873520 30+ pcs. 4.29 € 5.10 €
Dalap PUC 125 93243 4250622873537 30+ pcs. 4.58 € 5.45 €

Dalap PUC plastic non-return valve for fans, used to prevent the flow of undesirable odors and air backflow after the fan is switched off. This easy-to-install valve is used with the Dalap FP bathroom fans we offer.

Spring mechanism

The non-return valve is equipped with a spring mechanism, which ensures complete isolation of the air flow, but also allows natural ventilation.

Very easy to assemble

The Dalap PUC non-return valve is installed on the fan flange by simply inserting it into the pre-drilled holes on the back of the fan. Everything fits perfectly and holds as it should on Dalap FP home fans.


Declaration of Conformity

ModelDimensions (mm)
Dalap PUC 100 7 10,5 100 Detail
Dalap PUC 125 8,5 12 125 Detail